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Committed To Your Satisfaction


Arya Marwaha, Undergrad at Stanford University

Founder/CEO; Academic & Tutoring Specialist

Ever since I was little, I was inspired by others around me to immerse myself into a healthy learning environment in which I could persevere academically. I founded SOS Study because I believe in the importance of having a strong foundation at a young age in the core subject areas. It is my passion to help every student achieve their highest levels of academic success.

Here is a list of some of my major academic successes

  • 2018 Salutatorian of Fairmont Anaheim Hills Middle School

  • 2x Orange County Science Fair Winner​​ (2017-18)

    • Honorable Mention in ​Chemistry/

    • Honorable Mention in Applied Structures & Mechanisms

  • 2x Academic Pentathlete Winner​ (2017-18)​

    • 1st & 2nd Place in Social Science; 1st & 3rd Place in Science; 2nd & 3rd Place in Mathematics; 2nd & 4th Place in Literature; 3rd & 4th Place in Fine Arts

    • 2017 2nd Place Pentathlete; 2018 2nd Place Pentathlete

  • Department Awards (2018-21)

    • International Business​ (x3)

    • World Languages (x1)

    • Leadership (x2)

  • FBLA Awards

    • 6th Place Nationally: Organizational Leadership​

    • 1st Place Statewide: Organizational Leadership

    • 6th Place Statewide: Business Communications

    • 1st Place Sectionally: Business Communications


Ishika Kanakath, Undergrad at Case Western Reserve University

Academic Coordinator/CMO

I love working with kids and have built long term relationships over the years as a volunteer at the Pretend City Children's Museum. I believe kids need both encouragement and motivation to rise to their full potential. Being part of this team grants me the opportunity to work with kids & watch them excel in different subject areas while growing as life long learners. 

Here are some of my academic successes and organizations I am involved in:

  • Honor Roll Student (since 6th grade)

  • Academic Decathlon Student of the Year (10th Grade)

    • 2nd Place Social Science​, JV Competition

    • 4th Place Super Quiz, JV Competition

    • 3rd Place Social Science, Varsity Competition

    • 4th Place Team Overall, Varsity Competition

  • Academic Decathlon Student of the Year (11th Grade)

    • 1st place super quiz and team overall, Varsity Competition

    • 1st Place Speech, Varsity Competition​

    • 1st Place Social Science, Varsity Competition

    • 2nd Place Biology, Varsity Competition

  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20)


Ryan Gumlia, Undergrad at Yale University

Private Instructor; English & Advanced Tutoring Specialist

My parents have granted me an excellent opportunity by sending me to a school such as Fairmont. I feel it would be irresponsible to not spread this knowledge to as many people as possible. Tutoring is the perfect outlet. I've worked with many homeless children to provide them with better lives, and I hope to carry out the same mission here.

Here is a list of some of my major academic successes

  • 4.80 Average GPA; AP Student Scholar

  • Honor Roll 1st-8th grade; 3rd ranked ​of North Tustin Middle School

  • Peer Tutor for Homeless Children

  • 9th Grade Department Awards (2018-19)

    • Debate

  • 10th Grade Department Awards (2019-20)

    • Debate ​

Here is a list of some of my major public speaking successes

  • 2018 Speaker of the Year, Orange County Debate League

  • 2019 Best Freshmen in the Country, Public Forum Debate

  • 2020 Best Sophomore in the Country, Public Forum Debate

  • 3x Golden Gavel Winner

  • Gold Tournament of Champions (x2)


Eddie Sadat, Undergrad at Stevens Institute of Technology

Private Instructor; Math, Science, & Advanced Tutoring Specialist

 I believe every student can succeed, and sometimes they just need a boost in the right direction. I myself have struggled with some academics in the past, and as I have learned and grown, I feel a sense of duty to help students better their learning skills. If I’m able to help even one student better their education, it would have been worth it.

Here is a list of some of my major academic successes:

College Achievements:

  • Honor Roll Semester 1/2

  • Board Member of On-Campus club

High school Achievements:

  • AP Scholar Award

  • Visual and Performing Arts - Student of the Year (2018 & 2019)

  • English II Certificate of Achievement

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