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What they say about SOS Study


I just started pre-algebra and it was very complex to me so I needed help. I went to Arya so he could tutor me and teach me about more difficult concepts. After that, I was able to start doing my homework much more easily. He helped me exceed in my math skills and I now have the understanding to complete my pre-algebra assignments. Arya is my current tutor and is always teaching me new math concepts. I really look up to him and love how he is willing to help you whenever you need it. 

Yash Malhotra, 6th Grader


Before Arya’s lessons in Physical Science, I had no clue what solar energy was, or how interesting the topic could be. When I had to do my first science project, I hated the class. However, after discussing my problems with Arya, I felt more confident in the subject altogether. He gave me some great ideas on what to do and even offered background knowledge of his past Science Fair projects that were successful! SOS Study has really helped me think about my science project more positively, and I'm super excited about my future.

Maya Bal, 9th Grader

Before SOS Study, I had just immigrated from Ecuador with my mother,  unable to speak any English. I struggled in classes and my classmates made fun of my accent. During our first lesson, Arya started teaching me the alphabet, and many more concepts to master the English language. Today, I feel confident in my skills, thanks to the entire team's guidance and support for the last year. My English is so good now!

Emilia, 8th Grader

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