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Staying Ahead Over The Summer

As we head into our summer vacation, it is important to relax and rewind, but also stay ahead academically. Whether it be watching instructional YouTube videos or enrolling in online summer classes, studying over summer vacation will make sure your child is better able to build on the concepts from the previous year while still fresh in their minds. This way, rather than relearning old concepts, they can jump into new content with a solid foundation and start focusing on subjects where they need more practice.

Below are some practical ways to keep kids' brains active throughout the summer, but still allow enough time for fun activities and relaxation!

1. Reading novels (2-3 hrs / week)

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will need to have in order to succeed both academically and personally. Not only will they add new vocabulary to their repertoire, but also results in stronger analytic thinking skills and improved focus/concentration. Students have often found that it is easier to write when you read so many great novels. Some of the novels I personally recommend for elementary students include Matilda, Holes, and Wonder. For middle school students, I recommend reading The Outsiders, The Giver, and How to Kill A Mockingbird (age 13+).

2. YouTube EDU (flexible)

Given the current pandemic, your child can take advantage of thousands of FREE educational videos across YouTube. Several of these videos are interesting enough to keep your child entertained and engaged with informative content relevant to them. I recommend channels such as Khan Academy, PBS, TED, Smithsonian Channel. You can even visit SOS Study's channel, which we are working towards developing more videos for elementary and middle school students.

3. Enrolling in a summer course (depends on course)

If your child wants to cultivate their passion for cooking, art, coding, science, etc., they should enroll in an online summer class that will help them explore these interests in more depth. Several universities across the world are offering virtual classes and camps at an affordable price this summer, all from the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of these opportunities for your child to get ahead in activities that matter to them.

4. One-on-One Tutoring (2-3 hrs / week)

If your child needs help with concepts they are struggling on, want to get ahead in their subjects, or even just learn about new and cool things over the summer, they can enroll in online tutoring sessions. SOS Study offers tailored academic support to your child at a nominal fee with the goal in mind of helping them build strong foundations at a young age. If you think your child would benefit from either of these options, then feel free to ask us about what we offer and how we can help your child succeed.

5. Enrichment Programs: Kumon (2 hrs / week)

At a young age, I attended an enrichment program called Kumon, which is targeted at helping your child develop a stronger understanding of reading & math. If you want them to get ahead during the school year in the two most important foundational subjects, enroll them in an enrichment program where they can grow without feeling a need to compete with others in the classroom. You can even work with SOS Study's tutors to help your child ace assignments and homework from enrichment programs over the summer.

Even dedicating a few hours per week to the activities listed above will give your child an advantage when school comes around in the fall. They will feel more confident as they approach new classes and curriculum, and can continue to supplement the resources listed above to help them stay ahead over the summer.

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